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Lotusheart Music
Jeanne at Mystic Rock

Global Angel Productions presents the music of The Wind Poet,
Jeanne Fitzsimmons from her record label, Lotusheart Music

All songs composed, arranged, and performed by Jeanne Fitzsimmons ASCAP

~ Music to Soothe your Heart
& Nourish your Soul ~

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Divine Lullaby

Winds of Spirit

Wind Poet

Ocean of Love

The Teachings in Song



Divine Lullaby CD cover

Divine Lullaby

Listen to a clip from Divine Lullaby: Angel of Grace with Gossamer Wings.

Acoustic Keyboard by Oman Ken of Sedona, Arizona — with Angelic Vocals and Silver Flute created by Jeanne Fitzsimmons. Used in all forms of healing, therapies, and enjoyed by families and children as it wafts through a home, creating a calm and peaceful environment. Some report using it for the birth of their children, as well as saying good bye to loved ones as they pass from this life.

1. Awakening (5:45)
2. Mysterious Grace (6:21)
3. My Darling All is Well (5:39)
4. The Secret Garden of Your Heart (3:52)
5. Dance with the Divine! (4:28)
6. Soar Into the Light (4:34)
7. Surrendering (5:50)
8. Timeless Love (7:51)
9. Angel of Grace With Gossamer Wings (5:32)
10. A Lullaby to Soothe Your Soul (6:00)




Winds of Spirit CD cover

Winds of Spirit

Listen to a sound clip: Wings of Love

Solo Native & Silver Flute-ends with Amazing Grace. This is a solo-flute album, soothing, and soulful Native flutes in various keys as Neuro-Acoustic healing, due to its calibration with the various chakra points in the human body. The second half of this CD includes ceremonial pieces with drum, light chanting. The silver flute is woven throughout this CD--is also soothing, and relaxing, yet leaving people alert as they use it for computer work, or for driving in stressful traffic situations. Amazing Grace is unique, gentle, and calming.

1. Wings of Love (2:37)
2. Enter the Cave (2:07)
3. Soul Call (3:15)
4. Merging With the Master (3:35)
5. Cave of the Heart (2:54)
6. Resting on the Wind (3:15)
7. Love Song Trilogy (9:48)
8. The Sacred Ones (4:30)

9. Voices in the Wind (2:48)
10. Angelic Wings (2:19)
11. Into the Depth of the Silence (2:10)
12. Simple Heart (5:00)
13. Return to the Source (3:30)
14. Echoes of Remembrance (3:05)
15. Amazing Grace (4:29)



Wind Poet CD cover

Wind Poet

Listen to clips from Wind Poet: Mystical Winds. Also: Open Up Your Heart

Keyboard & four gentle love songs sprinkled throughout this instrumental CD. Designed for calming, soothing, and to Open Your Heart — Flute,chimes,vocals flow seamlessly as an unfolding symphony of the heart.


1. Mystical Winds (3:03)
2. Open Up Your Heart (6:42)
3. Heartstrings (4:01)
4. Serenity (3:40)
5. Blissful Flute (4:20)
6. You're an Angel (3:19)
7. A Loving Touch (5:19)
8. Initiation (5:37)
9. Bamboo Ballet (4:30)
10. This Dream is a Mistress (6:02)
11. Symphony of the Heart (4:45)
12. Eternal Love (5:03)
13. Chimes (2:21)



Ocean of Love CD cover

Ocean of Love

Keyboard/Angelic Vocal/Chimes/Flute. Jeanne created an album of continuous, flowing, and soothing segments of approximately 30 minutes with chimes in between the two segments. This is perfect for soothing listening, massage, or for a plethora of types of healing modalities, as the background ocean sounds underlie the entire CD.

There are two cuts of apx. 30 min. each on this CD.

The Teachings in Songs

A beautiful compilation of the spiritual teaching s of the Sage of Arunachala,
Sri Ramana Maharshi. (photo) Original teachings in temple hall chanting, in
Ramana’s  language of Tamil. It is sung by Ramana’s grand-nephew, V. Ganeshan,
and Anuradha . This is what has been chanted by devotees in the Ramana
Ashrams, and in India, for over 70 years .  Ends with a flute duet—"Merging
With The Master"
by Jeanne Fitzsimmons

Partial proceeds from sale of this CD go to the New York Ramana Ashramam.
Exclusive distribution by Lotusheart Music

All rights reserved © 2004.

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